Month: December 2021

Room We Love: A Workspace-Playroom Combo in Myers Park

Charlotte Lucas creates a bold, versatile space COURTESY CHRIS EDWARDS Designer Charlotte Lucas isn’t afraid to use bold colors and whimsical patterns, and that’s exactly what her clients wanted in the quirky upstairs room of their Georgian-style Myers Park home. Rather than disguise the arched doorway, protruding corners, and sloped ceiling, Lucas enhanced those features

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14 Charlotte Restaurants for a Healthy Reset

If you’re ready to swap out heavy holiday meals and sugar-laden treats with veggies, grains, and lean meats, Charlotte has plenty of healthy options. These Mediterranean-focused menus and plant-based options are so tasty, you’ll forget they’re healthy, too. FEATURED RESTAURANT: PLANT JOY1801 N. Graham St., Ste. 101980-237-4855Camp North End offers plenty of opportunities to indulge,

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Flowering rush, a non-native invasive species, is spreading in Town Farm Bay

By Kate Kelly, LCA Program Manager In Charlotte’s Town Farm Bay, another non-native invasive species is spreading.  Flowering rush is an emerging threat to Lake Champlain wetlands and floodplain forests of Champlain direct drainage streams.  Lewis Creek Association’s related work in 2015-2018 alerted us to the growing presence of flowering rush in our priority wetlands. 

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