Month: December 2022

Growing orchids easier than their reputation

Deborah J. Benoit, University of Vermont Extension Do you admire orchids from afar but haven’t considered growing them or gifting them to a plant lover you know? Sure, they’re a pretty plant, but orchids have a reputation as being difficult to grow. When you think of orchids, do you picture a climate-controlled greenhouse devoted to

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Sixth graders meet with Phillies baseball scout

Naomi Strada, (Condensed by Tom Scatchard) The whole Charlotte Central School staff spent part of Wednesday’s professional learning time working in committees to enhance the experiences of the students. By design, these committees have a diverse team of staff members who share their expertise and passion for continuous improvement of the school. File photo The

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Once upon a time: A hockey team in Charlotte

Juliann Phelps, Contributor Over 77 years ago, Charlotte came together as a community to build a hockey rink and cheer on the Charlotte Rockets, an amateur team who donned their white sweaters and hit the biscuit nearly every winter weekend — weather permitting. Photo courtesy of the Charlotte Historical SocietyCharlotte Rockets playing defense. Playing in

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