Month: September 2023

Talk to us about The Charlotte News

We launched our reader survey in last week’s newspaper and have already received dozens of completed surveys in the mail and online. We’re grateful to everyone who has taken a few minutes to share their thoughts with us. For the results to be the most useful, we will need to receive many more completed surveys

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What is an old-growth forest?

On a highly-altered landscape, the idea of an old-growth forest is captivating to many. But what are old-growth forests? And why do they matter? Definitions vary. Some would say that the only true old-growth forests are primary forests — the tiny fraction that have never been extensively altered by humans, or by humans of European

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A Guide to Charlotte’s Top Diners

Tasting menus and creative cocktails will always have a place in Charlotte, but let’s be honest. Even the most cultivated palates cave to a greasy spoon at some point. Who among us hasn’t been hit with a craving for blueberry pancakes, steak and eggs, or a plate of loaded fries? The next time it happens,

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