Charlotte Magazine’s Holiday Gift Guide: 2022

Charlotte Magazine’s Holiday Gift Guide: 2022

Cheryse Terry
2023 Beatties Ford Road, Ste. D 

“I like to call Archive a culture shop,” owner Cheryse Terry said a few days after she opened Archive in August. “It’s a place that welcomes all but is a celebration of the Black experience.” Terry has collected Black memorabilia—vintage magazines, books, records, action figures, toys, and more—for more than a decade. Today, she sells it from her west Charlotte store, which doubles as a coffee shop and community space.  

Personalized Vintage Media
Tell Cheryse your recipient’s birthday, and she’ll source a piece of Black memorabilia, like a copy of EBONY magazine, from the same month and year. Three weeks’ notice required. Prices vary

Bag of Archive Coffee
A light roast by Enderly Coffee. Choose your own grind or go whole bean. 12 ounces, $22

Vintage Collectible
A nostalgia-invoking Steve Urkel toy or Scary Spice Barbie doll. Prices vary

Sporting Gent EditMarc Williams
The Sporting Gent
2848 Selwyn Ave.

For a decade, Charlotteans have turned to The Sporting Gent in Myers Park when they need gifts for the guys in their lives. The small shop is loaded with high-quality sporting gear, goods, and apparel for men. “‘It’s my husband’s birthday’ is our unofficial slogan,” owner Marc Williams says. If you aren’t sure what to get him, let Williams and The Sporting Gent staff help you choose.

TSG Harness Leather Belt
A classic leather belt for everyday wear. Add the recipient’s initials on a hand-stamped, solid brass nameplate for no extra charge. $85  

Clayton & Crume Leather Rocks Glass Set
Swanky enough to leave on your bar when you’re not using them. Handcrafted, customizable. $95

TSG Boone 5-pocket Pant
Designed for work and play. Straight-leg, lightweight, looks snazzy with loafers or boots. Available in seven colors. $135

Secrid Slimwallet
This compact aluminum wallet is cooler than you are. Slide your cards out with the push of a button. Fits four to six cards, plus cash. Available in seven colors. $89.95 

Turtlebox 02Turtlebox Gen 2 Speaker
Loud, portable, rugged, and waterproof. Available in four colors. $399

Dsc06201Carmen Larreynaga
Pet Wants Charlotte
1700 Camden Road, Ste. 102
1115 N. Brevard St. (inside Optimist Hall) 

Carmen Larreynaga’s friend Michele Hobbs launched a pet food brand in Cincinnati called Pet Wants in 2010, and Larreynaga, who has a marketing background, helped Hobbs get it off the ground. Larreynaga loved the concept so much, she asked Hobbs if she could franchise it at home in Charlotte. She started small, selling the brand’s natural, small-batch pet food at the Atherton Farmers Market in 2015. She quickly expanded to other pet goods—and some pet-centric items for humans, too. Today, Pet Wants Charlotte has two busy locations and a food truck. 

For Humans:
Fur Hooman Shirt
For the unabashed pet parent. Bestsellers include “Crazy Cat Lady” and “My Dog and I Talk Shit About You.” Available in sizes XS-3XL. $30

Fred Howligans Mug + Pet Bowl Set
Like friendship bracelets in kitchenware form. Available for dogs and cats. $20-$22

Lucy & Co Reversible Harness
Let’s be honest: This gift isn’t really for the dog. Available in a variety of sizes, colors, and prints. Matching leashes available. $24-$32

For Pets:
Freeze-Dried Pig Snout
Mmmm. Buy one for the pup you love or the human you hate. $4

Dsc06316Wild Caught Freeze-Dried Salmon
Almost as good as a pig snout. Both dogs and cats love this stuff. $14-16

Dsc06079Thomas Coker
Salted Melon Market & Eatery 
100 W. Worthington Ave., Ste. 107

Salted Melon Market & Eatery owner Thomas Coker lives in South End. His neighborhood inspired this latest concept of Carolina Select Brands, which is owned by his father, Tom Coker. The space combines a market, quick-service food counter, and sit-down restaurant with a full bar. “The idea was to create a place where people come multiple times a day,” Thomas says. It’s also a great place to pick up a gift for a host or foodie—or grab some quality stocking stuffers. 

Salted Melon Candy Mix
A way better stocking stuffer than those plastic candy canes filled with M&Ms. $9.99

Reid’s Mini Chocolate Chip Cookie Jar
It’s a jar full of cookies. Need we say more? $21.99

Salted Melon Rosé
Escape the winter: Salted Melon warns that its dry, complex rosé may instantly transport you to the Mediterranean. $19.99

Dsc06355Brave Broth
We, and certainly the people who sell it, know what this looks like. But we promise it’s actually high-quality, Charlotte-brewed broth. Great on its own or in your favorite winter soup. Varieties include beef and chicken bone broths and vegetable broth. $12.99

Blender Bombs & Bomb Bars
Packed with nutrients like dates, nuts, seeds, and extracts. Available in 14 varieties. $27.99-$31.99

Dsc05908Tahwii Spicer
The Porter House Co.  
Online only

In October, Tahwii Spicer launched the online store where she’s always wanted to shop. Spicer and her family moved to Charlotte from Indianapolis in 2020. As she decorated their new home, her husband suggested she turn her interior design acumen and passion into a business. She curates a mix of new, artisan, and vintage items for The Porter House Co. You’ll find furniture, decor, home goods, and kids’ items in timeless styles and neutral tones. 

Antique Kilim Pillow Covers
These one-of-a-kind pillow covers are made in Iran from rugs that are more than 120 years old. Available in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles. From $165

Antique Kilim Christmas Stockings
Prefer your antique rugs in the form of Christmas stockings rather than pillow covers? Your wish is granted. Available in a variety of colors and styles. $110

Dsc05920Brass Dishwasher Magnet
At The Porter House Co., even dishwasher magnets are worthy of a glow up. We like this as a stocking stuffer. Engraved, lacquered brass. Scratch-resistant.  $12.95

Spicer sources and sells one-off vintage items, like the senufo-style bench ($800) and French stool ($105) pictured above.

Dsc06039 2DeAnna Allen
The Brown Sugar Collab 
1425 Winnifred St., Ste. 113

“In 2020, the country was just in so much unrest,” DeAnna Allen says, “and I was trying to figure out what I could do to help people.” She founded The Brown Sugar Collab, a boutique of products—bath and body care, home fragrances, decor, stationery, and accessories—made by women of color, who typically face greater obstacles getting their products on shelves. “It’s my way of supporting them,” Allen says, “and the products are for everyone.” 

Thank You Mother Earth Lava Rock Diffuser
Regular oil diffusers are so 2020. Essential oil-infused lava rocks not only smell delightful but last forever. Available in nine scents. $40

Diamond’s Body Care Floral-Infused Botanical Body Oil
Almost too pretty to use. Available in four scents. $25

Calloway’s Clay Resin Trinket Trays
Hand-poured in Charlotte and available in a variety of shapes, colors, and designs. $15-30

Pretty Honest Candles Gaia and Iris Goddess Candles
You can feel the body positivity radiating from these hand-poured soy wax candles. $30

Calloway’s Clay Trinket Jar
Peep the way that light filters through the beveled amber resin. $28

Dsc06049The AromaCarepy Co. Shower Fizz
Toss one in the bottom of your warm, steamy shower, and you’ll want to stay in there all winter. (But don’t do that.) Available in six scents. $7

Dsc06295 2Jules Zanoni
270 Camp Road, Ste. 101
202 S. Main St., Ste. C, Davidson

Today, Charlotte has a heck of a lot of plant stores. But when Jules Zanoni moved here from Chicago in 2018, she could find houseplants only in nurseries and big-box store garden departments. She filled the niche, and started a trend when she opened grow in Camp North End in 2019. Now, about a dozen stores in Charlotte are dedicated to houseplants, and grow has expanded to sell stylish home and lifestyle products. 

Baggu Duck Bag
We’re pretty sure you can fit anything in this bag. Available in nine colors and patterns. $34 

Graza Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
Who isn’t looking for high quality and extra virgin? In their olive oil, you weirdos. Made in Jaen, Spain, from 100% Picual olives. Available in cooking and finishing varieties. $18-$23

Dsc06312Ghia Nonalcoholic Apéritif
Wait. This stuff is, like, really freakin’ tasty. Amaro-like, complex, and not too sweet. Packed with complex botanical flavors. $38

No Tox Life Eucalyptus Steam Cleansing Vapors for the Shower
Like the Vicks stuff but without the violent burning of your eyes. $28

Easy-Care Plant
Pothos, Swiss cheese vines, and Hoya rope plants are all low-maintenance gals. Prices vary

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