Charlotte’s Year in Quotes, 2022

Charlotte’s Year in Quotes, 2022

Tongues that wagged and lips that flapped in the splatter zone
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“We know we’re going to have an inflation problem in 2022.” —John Connaughton, UNC Charlotte economics professor, Dec. 30, 2021

“A chance for redemption is all I can ask for and pray that you might provide it in a fall that was taken, with the hope of getting up and starting a new beginning with your support.” —former mayor and felon Patrick Cannon in March, announcing a bid for an at-large City Council seat (Cannon lost in the Democratic primary in May)

“He’s going to put you to sleep, reading a book. We don’t need any librarians.”—former Panthers star Steve Smith during a preseason broadcast in August, referring to backup quarterback Sam Darnold

“People just kept coming. They were convinced that the Chili Peppers were inside.”—Pinky’s Westside Grill owner Greg Auten in September, after Red Hot Chili Peppers lead singer Anthony Kiedis punked fans at the band’s show at Bank of America Stadium by saying RHCP would hang out there after the concert

“For #CharlotteResidents in case you didn’t know. ‘The Mayor Pro Tem, elected by a vote of the City Council, assumes all duties, powers and obligations of the office in the Mayor’s absence.’ I will NOT support any person who I have watched lie, manipulate & play politics. #ISaidIt” —incoming (and former) City Council member LaWana Mayfield in August, referring to fellow council member Dimple Ajmera (Braxton Winston was chosen as mayor pro tem)

“We have one big show that we are producing this fall: Evil Dead The Musical. It will be outdoors, a big Halloween horror comedy that will be a total blast. There will be beer and snacks, and it’s a bring-your-own-chair event. You can buy tickets in the splatter zone if you want to be covered in blood.” —Laura Rice, executive director of Actor’s Theatre of Charlotte, in September; later that month, Rice announced that it would be the company’s last show after 33 years

“People always say, ‘Do you wanna play one year for the Hornets and come back?’ … I’m not making any promises. All I would say is if there was a team I did wanna play for that wasn’t the Warriors, that would be it.” —NBA star Steph Curry in September, on accepting a key to the city at the Government Center

“Some of the buses are just old and raggedy and falling apart. I wouldn’t put my family on one of them buses.” —former CATS bus mechanic Louis Rugieri in August after revelations about the transit agency’s driver shortages and service deficiencies

“We want to make sure … that we put out the facts. That doesn’t mean we’re not going to talk to the media. … I think it’s important that we put out our side and the facts of any incidents that we are dealing with, and then let the people choose which version they want to hear.”
—CMPD Chief Johnny Jennings, referring to a new department policy that restricts news conferences and interviews

This is not a moment to give up. It’s a moment to reflect and let all this rage radicalize you to just keep going to do something better and push for more rights.—Calla Hales, executive director of A Preferred Women’s Health Center, in June after the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in the Dobbs case that overturned Roe v. Wade

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