¡VAMOS!: A Look Back at Charlotte FC’s Star-Spangled First Season

¡VAMOS!: A Look Back at Charlotte FC’s Star-Spangled First Season

On the morning of Dec. 17, 2019, hundreds packed the atrium at the Mint Museum Uptown for the announcement of Charlotte’s Major League Soccer expansion team. By then, anyone who ever doubted that the growing cities of the South could support professional soccer had gone quiet. Successful franchises in Dallas, Orlando, and (horrors) Atlanta had demonstrated fan interest, and Charlotte’s soccer fans, in groups like Mint City Collective, showed up and got rowdy for city officials and club owner David Tepper. The owner didn’t shy away from the new I-85 rivalry. “Screw that other city!” he exclaimed, to cheers.

Cltfc Annoucement 4

From the beginning, supporters’ groups like Mint City Collective displayed their enthusiasm. Club (and Carolina Panthers) owner David Tepper and Major League Soccer Commissioner Don Garber embraced the group and its banner during the December 2019 announcement that Charlotte had won its bid for an MLS team.

Cltfc Firstmarch 8

The club quickly won fans among Charlotte’s Latino community—like “Chico,” who brandished a Mexican flag during a supporters’ group march in 2021.

Cltfc Highres 13

The primary kit reveal at Camp North End, December 2021. Defender Adam Armour (above); Chief Fan Officer Shawn McIntosh (below) shows off the team crest on the jersey.

Cltfc Highres 16

Cltfc Midseason Preview 27

Charlotte FC established mini-pitches for kids at places like Camino Health Center in University City (above and below), unveiled before the home opener in March.

Cltfc Midseason Preview 29

The Home Opener

COVID pushed the inaugural season back a year. The first game wasn’t played until Feb. 26, 2022, a 3-0 loss at D.C. United. On March 5 came the home opener at Bank of America Stadium against the LA Galaxy, and fans began to fill parking lots around Bank of America Stadium at 11 a.m. for an 8 p.m. kickoff. As the sun dipped below the horizon, an announcement echoed through the stadium: 74,479 fans in attendance, an MLS record, just as the team’s front office had promised months before.

Then something even more remarkable happened: As singer Michelle Brooks-Thompson started the national anthem, her microphone cut out. The crowd spontaneously picked it up and sang it instead. The moment went viral and began a team tradition. Charlotte FC lost, 1-0. No one cared: Fans stayed in their seats and gave the team a standing ovation.

Cltfc Homeopen 18

Cltfc Homeopen 26

Marchtomatch 10

Cltfc Homeopen 17

Tailgate 34

The first-ever “march to the match” (left); community leader Manolo Betancur with a cake (above) from his bakery to honor supporters’ groups.

Cltfc Homeopen 32

Defender Jaylin Lindsey after Charlotte FC’s 1-0 loss to the LA Galaxy.


Charlotte FC started the season with three losses and one goal. That changed on the gorgeous evening of Saturday, March 19, against the New England Revolution at BofA. It took five minutes, 27 seconds of play for Karol Świderski to guide a soft left-footed shot into the net from beyond the box. The place went mad. Anyone in or near the stands took a beer shower. Charlotte scored twice more in its 3-1 victory, and as the final whistle blew, team members ran arm in arm toward the mass of ecstatic fans.

Cltfcfirstwin 11

The record will show that Karol Świderski, a striker and native of Rawicz, Poland, scored Charlotte FC’s first goal at home.

Cltfcfirstwin 12

Midfielder Ben Bender took a corner kick (below) during the club’s 3-1 victory, its first ever, after which defenders Christian Fuchs and Guzmán Corujo (below) embraced on the pitch.

Cltfcfirsthomegoal Reaction

Cltfcfirstwin 23

Farewell, Miguel

On May 31, a shock: The team fired Head Coach Miguel Ángel Ramírez. It didn’t seem to make sense. The fan base loved Ramírez: After nearly every match, he walked to the far goal to show his appreciation, and his no-nonsense approach had led Charlotte FC to a 5-8-1 record—not bad for an expansion team. But after his departure, it became clear that some players didn’t share the love. “I did not get the sense of Miguel willing to address (players’) concerns,” said team captain Christian Fuchs, an English Premier League veteran. “He wanted to brush them off and not deal with them.” Christian Lattanzio, a highly regarded coach for clubs like Manchester City and New York City FC, stepped in as interim head coach.


Before the fall: former Head Coach Miguel Ángel Ramírez during a match (above) and with fan Hector “Sombrero Man” Cortes (below) after Charlotte FC’s first victory.

Mar 3

Lattanzio 4

Christian Lattanzio (above and at far right below) succeeded Ramírez as interim head coach at midseason.


Cltfc Midseason Preview 9

On June 30, Charlotte FC hosted Pride Night, and fans in the supporters’ section (above) held up paper banners to form a rainbow flag. Home matches typically begin with fireworks (below, before a match with Atlanta United).

Cltfc Midseason Preview

Montreal Win 16

Medical staff attend to Christian Fuchs after a hard tackle.

Cltfc Midseason Preview 17

Świderski and company celebrate a goal.

Montreal Win 20

Goalkeeper Kristijan Kahlina against Vancouver Whitecaps FC.

Cltfc Midseason Preview 19

Players congratulate Andre Shinyashiki after a goal.

Montreal Win 14

Świderski attempts a header against Vancouver.


Down Goes Chelsea

Late in Charlotte FC’s exhibition match against Chelsea FC on July 20 at BofA, Lattanzio inserted 16-year-old academy player Brian Romero. The decision itself drew cheers from the 52,673 who’d come to see the first-year MLS team play one of the most renowned soccer teams in the world. They went crazy over what happened next: Romero drew a penalty, which led to Daniel Rios’ tying kick in regulation time and Charlotte’s victory in the extra period. Romero, born to a Mexican family in Concord, became an instant hometown hero. After the match, Lattanzio said, “I don’t think he was fazed that he was playing Chelsea.”

Cltfcvchelsea 12

Jan Sobocinski against Chelsea FC.

Romero 6

Emotion overwhelms 16-year-old Romero (here with midfielder Jordy Alcívar) after the penalty he drew led to Charlotte FC’s victory. (Alcívar is wearing a Chelsea FC jersey because he traded with a Chelsea player—a common post-match practice.)

Romero 3

Brian Romero of Concord was the hero of Charlotte’s friendly match against Chelsea FC in July.

The Final Whistle 

When you read this, Charlotte FC’s inaugural season will be almost over. Its final match is Oct. 9 at the New York City Red Bulls, and as of this writing in August, a playoff berth seemed unlikely. The club ranked 11th of 14 teams in MLS’ Eastern Conference. (Atlanta United ranked 13th. Just saying.) No one expected a banner year on the pitch—although the team did post a winning record at home. The team’s true value in its first year came from the emergence of a passionate fan base unlike any Charlotte has ever seen. The diversity in the stands at BofA matches the diversity on the field. From dream to novelty to fixture, pro soccer has evolved quickly. Now, it’s hard to imagine Charlotte without it.

Clt Fc Latterhalfseason 2

Clt Fc Latterhalfseason 3

Clt Fc Latterhalfseason 4

Clt Fc Latterhalfseason 5

Clt Fc Latterhalfseason 7

Clt Fc Latterhalfseason 6

Clt Fc Latterhalfseason 8

Clt Fc Latterhalfseason 9

Clt Fc Latterhalfseason 10
Clt Fc Latterhalfseason 11

Clt Fc Latterhalfseason 12

Clt Fc Latterhalfseason 13

Clt Fc Latterhalfseason 14

Clt Fc Latterhalfseason 15

Clt Fc Latterhalfseason 16

Clt Fc Latterhalfseason 17

Clt Fc Latterhalfseason 18
Clt Fc Latterhalfseason 19

Clt Fc Latterhalfseason 20

Clt Fc Latterhalfseason 21

Clt Fc Latterhalfseason 22

Danny Rios sat in the coronation chair after a huge previous game, in which he scored 4 goals against Philly.

Clt Fc Latterhalfseason 23

Clt Fc Latterhalfseason 24

Clt Fc Latterhalfseason 25

The U.S. Army Golden Knights Parachute Team enters the field to kick off Charlotte FC’s last home game of their first season.

Clt Fc Latterhalfseason 26

Clt Fc Latterhalfseason 27

Clt Fc Latterhalfseason 28

Clt Fc Latterhalfseason 29

Clt Fc Latterhalfseason 30

Clt Fc Latterhalfseason 31

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